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allmark is a fast, standalone markdown web server for Linux, Mac OS and Windows written in go.

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allmark is a file-system-centric markdown web server. You can point it at any directory that contains markdown files and it will immediately start a web-server that serves the rendered HTML content of the markdown file to you.

And it will not only render the markdown files in your directory as HTML, but it will also add everything that it needed for a complete website: Navigation, Full-text Search, Theming, Sitemap, RSS, Tags, … on-the-fly with websocket-based live-reload.

Animation: Cloning allmark from github, building it and taking it out for a test run on the allmark repository itself

And thanks to the power of go all of this is super fast and done with a single standalone application.


Serve a specific directory:

allmark serve <directory path>

Serve the current directory:

cd markdown-repository
allmark serve

Serve the current directory with live-reload enabled:

allmark serve -livereload

Force a full reindex every 60* seconds:

allmark serve -reindex

* When enabled the default interval is 60 seconds. You can change the interval in the repository config.

Force HTTPS (redirect all http requests to HTTPS):

allmark serve -secure

Save the default configuration to the .allmark folder so you can customize it:

allmark init

You can point allmark at any folder structure that contains markdown documents and files referenced by these documents (e.g. this repository folder) and allmark will start a web-server and serve the folder contents as HTML via HTTP(s) on a random free port.

Folder Structure Conventions

The standard folder structure for a markdown-repository item could look something like this:

├── files
│   ├── image.png
│   └── more-files
│       ├── file1.txt
│       ├── file2.txt
│       └── file3.txt
  1. one markdown file per folder (with the extension .md, .markdown or .mdown)
  2. a files folder which contains all files referenced by the markdown document
  3. an arbitrary number of child directories that can contain more markdown-repository items

Nesting / Hierarchie

You can nest repository items arbitrarily. Example:

├── child-item-1
│   └──
├── child-item-2
│   └──
├── child-item-3
│   └──
├── files
│   ├── image.png
│   └── more-files
│       ├── file1.txt
│       ├── file2.txt
│       └── file3.txt

Folders without Markdown Files

Markdown Document Structure

allmark makes certain assumptions about the structure of your documents. They should have

  1. Title
  2. Description Text
  3. Document Body

A typical document expected by allmark could look like this:

# Document Title / Headline

A short description of the document ... Usually one sentence.

The Content of your document

![Some Image](files/image.jpg)

- A List 1
- A List 2
- A List 3

**Some garbage text**: In pharetra ullamcorper egestas.
Nam vel sodales velit. Nulla elementum dapibus sem nec scelerisque.
In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Nulla vestibulum lacinia tincidunt.

Download / Installation

You can download the latest binaries of allmark for your operating system from


sudo su
curl -s --insecure > /usr/local/bin/allmark
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/allmark

Mac OS

sudo curl "" -o "/usr/local/bin/allmark"
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/allmark


Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile allmark.exe

All binaries at are up-to-date builds of the master-branch.

If you want to download and install binaries from the develop-branch you can go to


allmark can convert about any folder structure that contains markdown documents into well-structured websites with

and serves them via HTTP and/or HTTPs.

For a detailed list of all features goto documentation/features.

Demo / Showcase

If you want to see allmark in action you can visit my blog AndyK Docs at

Animation: Demo of allmark hosting


Build Status

Or you can build allmark yourself if you have go installed (see: documentation/development/build).

Known Bugs

-- There are currently no known bugs 👯 --

If you encouter a bug please file an issue on at

Roadmap / To Dos

Here are some of the ideas and todos I would like to add in the future.

Architecture & Features




If you want to improve allmark in any way please create a pull request or contact me.
All contributions are welcome!


Twitter: @allmark_io or @andreaskoch

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