Building allmark

You can build allmark yourself if you have go or Docker installed
created by on 2015-08-05

If you have go installed you can build allmark yourself in two steps:

  1. Clone the project from github
  2. Run make
git clone
cd allmark

Afterwards you will find the allmark binary in the bin-folder of the project. To test your installation you can start by serving the allmark-project directory:

bin/allmark serve

After a second or so a browser window should pop up.

Screenshot: Testing the allmark server on the allmark-project directory


You can compile allmark for macOS, Linux (64bit, ARM5, ARM6, ARM7) and Windows (64bit) using the crosscompile action of the make script:

make crosscompile

The output will be available in the bin folder of this project:

├── allmark_darwin_amd64
├── allmark_linux_amd64
├── allmark_linux_arm_5
├── allmark_linux_arm_6
├── allmark_linux_arm_7
└── allmark_windows_amd64

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