All of allmarks' features in detail
created by on 2015-08-03

This is an unordered list of the most prominent features of allmark:

  1. Renders GitHub Flavored MarkDown
  2. Full text search (+ Autocomplete)
  3. Live-Reload / Live-Editing (via WebSockets)
  4. Document Tagging
  5. Tag Cloud
  6. Documents By Tag
  7. HTML Sitemap
  8. XML Sitemap
  9. robots.txt
  10. RSS Feed
  11. Print Preview
  12. JSON Representation of Documents
  13. Hierarchical Document Trees
  14. Repository Navigation
    • Top-Level Navigation
    • Bread-Crumb Navigation
    • Previous and Next Items
    • Child-Documents
  15. Image Thumbnails
  16. Markdown Extensions
    • Image Galleries
    • File Preview
    • Displaying Folder Contents
    • Video Player Integration
    • Audio Player Integration
    • Repository cross-links by alias
  17. Different Item Types (Repository, Document, Presentation)
  18. Document Meta Data
    • Author
    • Tags
    • Document Alias
    • Creation Date
    • Last Modified Date
    • Language
    • Geo Location
  19. Default Theme
    • Responsive Design
    • Lazy Loading for images and videos
    • Syntax Highlighting
  20. Presentation Mode
  21. Rich Text Conversion (Download documents as .rtf files)
  22. Image Thumbnail Generation
  23. HTTPS Support
    • Reference custom SSL certificates via .allmark/config from the .allmark/certs folder
    • Generates self-signed SSL certificates on-the-fly if no certificate is configured
  24. Basic-Authentication
    • For an additional level of security allmark will only allow basic-authentication over SSL.
    • You can add users to the .allmark/users.htpasswd file using the tool htpasswd
  25. Parallel hosting of HTTP/HTTPS over IPv4 and/or IPv6
  26. Short links: If you assign an alias to a document you can reach that document via short/direct link (e.g. http://repo.com/!an-alias). An overview of all available short links can be reached under http://repo.com/!.
  27. You can use Emojis in your markdown code 👯
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